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Swine Flu Side Effects To Be Monitored

Posted by Jane Akre
Monday, November 02, 2009 10:59 AM EST
Category: Protecting Your Family
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The side effects of the swine flu vaccine will be monitored by independent public health offices.

Monitoring 27 Million Doses Given 



IMAGE SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons/ Symptoms of swine flu/ author: CDC 

With all of the uncertainty about the new swine flu formulations, a group of independent health advisers will today begin monitoring the safety of the 27 million doses of vaccine being dispensed around the country.

The specially appointed working group is part of the National Vaccine Program Office and experts will confer if they find any problems with inoculation.

"Given the rapidity with which this particular vaccine was rolled out, there seems to be an extra-special obligation to make sure things remain as uncomplicated as they have in the past," Dr. Marie McCormick of the Harvard School of Public Health, who chairs the working group, told the AP.

No one expects any problems to be observed because the swine flu vaccine is made the same way the seasonal flu vaccine except a H1N1 virus is inserted.

In 1976, the last time there was a swine flu epidemic in the U.S., hundreds of reports of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) were reported as well as hundreds of other side effects.

People who developed it within six weeks of getting a seasonal flu shot should not get any flu vaccine this time around, recommends the CDC.

According to McCormick, there have been no serious adverse events reported from the swine flu vaccine. The primary adverse reports have been sore arms and fever and in some cases symptoms of the flu.

That suggests those people were already infected when they were inoculated, says Bruce Gellin of the National Vaccine Program Office to AP. He says one report of death was due to the swine flu, not the vaccine.

More Monitoring Urged

According to a report in the British medical journal, The Lancet, the monitoring is important to separate normal disease rates from those caused by vaccines - such as 2,500 miscarriages that occur daily in the U.S. and 3,000 heart attacks. No one really knows if they coincide with vaccinations.

Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has urged that federal officials monitor the vaccination history of children who are sickened or die from swine flu to investigate the impact our increasing schedule of childhood vaccines has on chronic illness such as allergies and susceptibility to adverse effects from the flu vaccine. To date, no one is gathering that information.

If serious complications are observed, federal law, known as the PREP Act (2006 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) protects vaccine manufacturers and health officials from lawsuits.

Instead the injured would have to go to the Vaccine injury Compensation Program (VCIP), established by Congress as part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 which offered an alternative to vaccine injury lawsuits. Some call it a failed experiment in tort reform.

It was the first acknowledgement that vaccines can cause injury and death and is set up to compensate children or their surviving families harmed by vaccines. A special court is being set up by Health and Human Services officials for the swine flu vaccine in case it’s needed, said spokesman Bill Hall to AP.

Flu season generally lasts until May.

The CDC reports at least 114 children in the U.S. have died as a result, with 19 reported this week, the worst week since the outbreak began in April. About two-thirds of deaths are among children with other health problems. #


Anonymous User
Posted by Btok
Tuesday, November 03, 2009 1:06 AM EST

This is a viscious circle we have been backed into, people are dieing of the swine flu and flu as well as the fact that there are people dieing and being injured from vaccinations!
Something very wrong and suspicous is happening around the world! I discovered this news story last night and believe we need quality law enforcement and forensic professionals to deeply and thoroughly investigate this virus and vaccine?
Here is the news story I discovered: LINK

Boy Rushed To Hospital After Swine Flu Jab

The safety of Northern Ireland’s swine flu vaccination programme was called into question today by the parent of a young special needs pupil who ended up in hospital just hours after getting the jab.
Anne Marie Fletcher said she feared her 15-year-old son Rhys was going to die as she rushed him to hospital less than 24 hours after receiving the swine flu vaccine.
The teenager fell seriously ill after receiving the injection, along with thousands of other pupils across Northern Ireland last Friday. He was later diagnosed with swine flu.
“My husband drove us to Antrim (Area Hospital) and I sat in the back with Rhys,” she told the Belfast Telegraph.
“By this stage he was going into spasms. He couldn’t bend his fingers. I was absolutely terrified.
“He was rambling and becoming incoherent. I honestly thought he was going to die in the back of the car.
Read more: LINK #ixzz0VfGrkLfF

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Posted by Teresa Allen
Tuesday, November 03, 2009 3:04 AM EST

Please go and listen to this interview! Very informative!

VERY good interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock:

(Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. For the past 25 years he has practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice. He recently retired from both practices to devote full time to nutritional studies and research.)

http://articles. mercola.com/ sites/articles/ archive/2009/ 11/03/What- We-Have-Learned- About-the- Great-Swine- Flu-Pandemic. aspx

Just a couple of things from the interview:

..."Vaccine Safety Testing Only Done for ONE Week
Now we are being told that this new fast tracked, poorly tested vaccine is very safe and effective. The results of the testing on this vaccine were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.39 It is instructive to learn that the tests for safety and to assess complications lasted only 7 days after the vaccine, an incredibly short period of follow-up. Gullian Barre paralysis can occur even months after a vaccine as can seizures, behavioral problems and neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

It is interesting to note that the authors of the safety study for our swine flu vaccine were all employees of the maker of the vaccine CSL Biotherapeutics and eight held equity interest in the company.39 This admission is part of the disclosure policy of the New England Journal of Medicine.

It is always important to keep in mind when you hear about this vaccine being safe and produced just like the seasonal flu vaccine -- What else do they not know about this vaccine that they will discover months, years or even decades later. Once injected with the vaccine and you develop a complication there will be little that can be done to treat the life-long degenerative disorder it produces. You will just be a sad story on 60 minutes."

Anonymous User
Posted by carol m
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 8:18 AM EST

I received the swine flu vaccine two weeks ago and have been having severe headaches since has anyone else experienced this. Ive been told that it is as a result of the vaccine and to take sudafed and difene but not really relive it althoughn not as bad.

Anonymous User
Posted by Leena
Tuesday, December 01, 2009 7:35 AM EST

My 6 years old granddaughter was vaccinated against swineflu two weeks ago and started to have tingly feet and hands after three days. Tingly sounds mild, but she is desperately crying and cannot sleep through the night, so it is not mild side effect. Doctor and health visitor have seen her but nobody suspects the vaccine could be the couse.I am worried grandmother, but I cannot tell anyone how worried I am. The last people I want to worry are the parents of my granddaughter.They have to cope with their every day life with work and school. Their younger daughter was not effected and the 6 years old have the symptoms only, when she slows down in the evening and during the nignts.

Anonymous User
Posted by Mrs Jill Foster
Monday, December 07, 2009 3:37 PM EST

I got the swine flu vaccination for my type 1 diabetis 2 days ago. I am a female and just had a baby daughter 13 weeks ago. I have been experiencing very sore stomach aches since having the jab, a symtom I have never had in my life. I also some times feel sick since two days ago which I suppose I could expect but the sore stomach pains is very strange. Has anyone else experienced sore stomach pains since having the swine flu vaccidnation.

Anonymous User
Posted by Mark Bourke
Thursday, December 10, 2009 1:41 AM EST

I had the swine flu jab as I am a type 2 diabetic. I have experienced stomach cramps and severe wind ever since. it comes and goes but not very nice I have to say !

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