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Procter & Gamble Knows Mouthwash Turns Some Teeth Brown

Posted by Jane Akre
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 10:31 AM EST
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Crest Mouthwash: "I Woke Up With Brown Spots On My Teeth"




The reports are all over the internet  - Amazon.com, DIGG, Consumerist, eMedicine and Drugstore.com.

Consumers of the dental product, Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash say their teeth are turning brown, gums are burning and in some cases they are losing the ability to taste.

It might be considered an abberation, but too many consumers are reporting the same thing.

Anne writes on Andy Wibbels blog: " I’ve been using it for about three weeks and I thought all these symptoms were just me. My teeth are darker and I swear my tongue hurts. I can’t taste anything and the aftertaste is terrible! THIS IS A HORRILBE (sp) PRODUCT. Is there anything being done about it? And made from an animal byproduct? ew."

On Amazon by reader : "This garbage put dingy yellow and brown stains on my teeth, especially near the gums. A dental cleaning failed to get them off. If I had known this mouthwash could cause stains, I would never have used it in the first place. If my next dental cleaning fails to remove the yellow on my teeth, P&G may have a lawsuit on their hands. It's to the point where I don't want to even talk or smile. These Pro Health products should be illegal."

Monique tells Consumerist.com:  "Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash turned my teeth brown! And on top of that, I can't taste anything! I can't believe this stuff is even on the market. My wisdom teeth are coming in painfully, and I am prepping to get them removed next week. So while at Rite Aid last night, I picked up a bottle of Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. I typically use Listerine, but as I said my wisdom teeth are killing me and this Crest CRAP advertises "No Alcohol". Cool. 

"More people need to be informed about this. On top of that, if you read the comments on the site I am linking, Crest wont even reimburse you for the lousy 4 dollars you spend on this poison. Never mind the expensive dental bills I am going to face whitening and repairing my teeth. Spread the word Consumerist."

Jessica writes:  "well…it’s been a week & i FINALLY got my taste buds back. A WEEK!!!   for only using the mouthwash 6 times…i will NEVER use a crest product again…look at all the people posting to this forum - all complaining of the same things - crest needs to reevaluate the side effects of their products AND PUT IT ON THE LABEL when they sell it i hope theres a class-action lawsuit for this - crest is ruining people’s teeth just to make money…DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW"  

According to an article in The Business Courier of Cincinnati, Procter & Gamble launched  Crest Pro-Health in April 2005 with expectations that consumers would enjoy rinsing their mouth with a non-alcohol formula. 

The company tells the paper that the discoloring of teeth means it is doing its job. That brown color means the rinse is rupturing germs and leaving their yucky residue on teeth.   That is what must be rinsed away or the bacterial residue will build up between teeth and along gums leading to stains like coffee or wine.

P & G is aware of the problem it tells the paper, "But because of the science behind it, it cannot be avoided," spokeswoman Laura Brinker said. "The health benefits outweigh a very small percentage of the population who would be affected by it."

Procter & Gamble says this Crest Pro-Health should be used by half of the population who should not use alcohol-based products including children, the elderly, diabetics or pregnant women.

Instead the company substituted the antimicrobial, Cetylpryidinium chloride (CPC), which is also reportedly used in pesticides. In some cases it bonds to tartar and reacts causing brown and yellow stains.

Crest addresses the issue on its web site. "As a class, antimicrobial agents have some potential to form temporary extrinsic tooth stain to varying degrees."  The company suggests that consumers can turn to Crest White Strips for a remedy.

The FDA does not require a warning label because the stains are not harmful. But it might take a couple of sessions and a couple of hours with the dental hygenist to get rid of them. No word on how to regain your sense of taste.

"Why risk market share for the sake of doing the right thing?" said Dr. Tom Hedge of the Dental Health Center in West Chester tells the business journal. "People shouldn't have to go to the Internet to find out why their teeth are turning brown."

Sales for Crest Pro-Healthy have brought in a healthy $56 million in 2006 up from $38 million a year ago.

Tanya Elrod, spokesperson for P & G tells IB News it's "a very small minority of people who've had this experience." She blames the stains on those people with "certain lifestyle choices" such as tobacco use, despite the fact that many who complain of the stains also say they are fastidious about flossing and brushing several times a day.  

Elrod indicates that if consumers call the 800 number on the back of the mouthwash the company may help them find a remedy.   

Jeremy writes on Consumerist.com that can mean a dental cleaning. He says, "I emailed Crest about it and they said they would pay for it."

Crest has setup a form where you can email them via this webform or call 1-800-285-9139.  We're interesting in knowing if you have contacted Crest and whether they are paying for your cleaning. 

Their Cincinnati number is (513) 983-1100. #


Anonymous User
Posted by anon
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 2:08 PM EST

a "pro health" mouth wash that turns your teeth brown ... brilliant!

Anonymous User
Posted by Anonymous
Sunday, April 06, 2008 11:53 PM EST

Sure, blame the consumer, you idiots...lie, deny, and deceive, but a lot of customers you had are now lost, and you will lose more and more as the number of stain victims continue on....

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