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Medical Group is Not Entertained by ABC Autism Drama

Posted by Jane Akre
Monday, January 28, 2008 11:52 PM EST
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New ABC show Eli Stone has medical group up in arms over topic- autism.

Image: Jonny Lee Miller plays Eli Stone


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a medical group of 60,000 pediatricians around the nation, is playing television producer.  

The AAP is asking ABC Entertainment, producer of the new drama, Eli Stone, to cancel the show because in it, Stone, a trial attorney helps a mother win $5.2 million after convincing a jury that her son got autism from a mercury-based preservative in a vaccine.

The AAP is "alarmed that this program could lead to a tragic decline in immunization rates," said president Renée Jenkins in a letter to Anne Sweeney, president of Disney-ABC Television Group.

That letter was circulated Monday on Huffingtonpost.com.

ABC Entertainment, owned by Disney, is reminding the organization that the show is fictional and its purpose is to entertain. ABC plans to go ahead with its plans to air Eli Stone.

But the premise of the show has clearly hit a nerve.

The medical establishment has long tried to distance the use of thimerosal, a mercury based preservative that was prevalent in childhood vaccines and still present in the flu vaccine,  from autism.   Thousands of parents say they watched their once vibrant, healthy child suddenly and dramatically change after the series of recommended vaccines.

Amy Carson of Moms Against Mercury, tells IB News she watched her son decline after his 12 month shots. 

“He had severe speech delay, motor skill delays and when I found out that mercury was in vaccines when he was four I started to have him tested for heavy metal poisoning. Through his medical testing I am able to show that he is mercury toxic.  Especially from a urine porphyrin test I had done in France, that shows he still has mercury in his body,” she says.

Jenkins of AAP says ABC "will bear responsibility for the needless suffering and potential deaths of children from parents' decisions not to immunize based on the content of the episode."

The man who posted the Huffington Post blog, David Kirby, has written the book on autism-thimosal, literally.  

Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy contains convincing citations and cites some of his research in the Huffington Post column.

He tells USA Today the letter to ABC,  "borders on near-hysteria over a fictional television entertainment."

"I don't have all the answers," he adds in an interview, "and my job is to keep asking questions. Definitely the jury is very much out" on any autism-vaccine link.

American Academy of Pediatrics does not believe the jury is out and that no studies have proven a link.

The creators of the show, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim actually say they believe in vaccinations and don’t believe parents will be frightened away from having their children vaccinated.  Berlanti says,  "We hope that people do watch the episode and draw their own conclusions."

As a compromise, ABC will refer viewers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the end of the show.

Eli Stone’s premiere episode airs Thursday night and there is nothing like a controversy to spark high ratings.   #




Anonymous User
Posted by Mike Dow
Thursday, January 31, 2008 10:48 AM EST

Kudo's to ABC for continuing to air tonight's episode despite the threats and erronoeus concerns of the CDC, AAP and the pharmaceutical companies which support them. No study has ever been done that definitively proves that mercury does not cause harm in which the patients did not die. There are mountains of evidence which definitively proves that mercury does cause harm. Is the CDC, AAP and the pharmaceutical companies afraid that ABC's airing of this fictional show might actually lead to parent's doing their own homework and taking back control of the health of their child? Mike Dow, Maryland

Anonymous User
Posted by Lin
Thursday, January 31, 2008 10:52 AM EST

As the mother of a six-year-old child with mercury-induced autism; that’s correct, he has confirmation of mercury toxicity and autism, PLEASE tell me where it is other than his immunizations that our son was exposed to mercury at toxic levels. We live in a small, rural community in the Heart-land. We RARELY eat fish, even tuna. I consumed NO fish or tuna while pregnant. Due to my employment at the time, I was MANDATED to have a mercury-containing flu-shot however! So, if it’s NOT the sacred vaccines, where oh where, then are ALL these children be exposed to toxic levels of mercury? And, if it is not the immunizations, why oh why, are the sacred CDC, FDA, IOM and HHS afraid to look at vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children’s autism rates in comparison? As parents of children with the autism LABLE and consequently, MERCURY POISONING, we truly have the right to answers to these legitimate concerns! Just to be sure you ALL understand, WE ARE NOT ANTI-VACCINATION AS WE ARE PERPETUALLY ACCUSED OF BEING! THERE IS QUITE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANTI-IMMUNIZATION AND PRO-SAFE-IMMUNIZATIONS!!! We are the latter! Is it too much to ask for safer, better studied and researched vaccines?!?

Anonymous User
Posted by Bob Moffitt
Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:17 PM EST

Please, someone at the CDC or AAP, tell me of a single study that clearly states "thimerosal" has been "ruled out" as a possible contributing factor to the increase of autism in this country?

Unfortunately, there are no such studies, so the CDC and AAP must rely upon their carefully constructed, ambiguous statement claiming "no evidence of a link between autism and vaccines". How about a statement claiming "evidence" there is "no link"?

Posted by Thierry Brunet de Courssou
Thursday, January 31, 2008 4:44 PM EST

Mercury is in the brain, not in blood -- Half live of thimerosal in blood is misleading because all methods of finding mercury and mercury derivatives but one are incapable of finding it presence in the brain. I once was very ill with severe speech impairment and other disabling symptoms including coma (which I found later were related to heavy mercury poisoning). London clinic neurologists could not explain my condition. After finding some clues on Internet thanks to Google search to try to understand what was happening to me, I started suspecting heavy metal poisoning. Google search allowed to educate myself with the methods to find heavy metals and how to remove them (chelating). I sent blood samples taken at the same time to 3 labs using different methods; only MELISA test ( LINK ) has been capable of proving that I had heavy accumulation of thimerosal, and it was not in the blood because the other more traditional methods did not find any at all (my lab results and symptoms are posted on the Internet). Moreover, I could link my sudden heath deterioration to the 3 vaccine shots that I had taken simultaneously 6 months before for traveling to the African outback and the numerous hepatitis B booster shots during the years I frequently travelled to Asia for professional reasons. Chelating was done by taking some clay baths ( LINK ) which resulted in spectacular improvement of my health within days. I had no more symptoms after 3 months, and the Melisa test performed 6 months after the first test showed that thimerosal had completely disappeared. This happened 5 years ago and I am now an energetic key executive in a high profile advanced technology company. When I find myself abnormally tired or disturbed, I take a clay bath subsequent to which I recover (the next day) clarity and energy lasting weeks or months. I shed 60 pounds and at 54 I can run the half marathon. If it worked so well for me, it should most certainly help babies and children -- no matter how small the quantity of thimerosal measured in their blood, no matter where it comes from and no matter how quickly they may excrete it naturally… The problem, Melisa test is very expensive (and invented in Sweden) and clay is too cheap!!!!

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