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FDA Panel Considers Pale-Skin Ban on Tanning Beds

Posted by Jane Akre
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 2:14 AM EST
Category: Protecting Your Family
Tags: Melanoma, Tanning Beds, FDA, Expert Panel

FDA Expert Panel


IMAGE SOURCE: Indoor Tanning Association Web site

The palest skin may be prohibited from using a tanning bed.

That is just one of the newest restrictions under consideration by an FDA advisory panel, reports WebMD.

The panel met March 25 and among other considerations – restricting use to adults age 18 and older.

Tanning beds are classified as a Class I medical device. The panel is recommending changing that designation from the least restrictive Class I to a Class II designation.

That would impose changes on tanning bed manufacturers such as labeling requirements and performance standards.

Others on the panel want tanning beds made a Class III device which requires manufacturers submit to pre-market approval.

Light-skinned persons would be defined as those with very pale skin, such as red heads with freckles, who burn instead of tan, and are classified as Fitzpatrick skin type 1.

The Melanoma Research Foundation says the ultraviolet radiation from tanning lamps before the age of 30 increases the risk of melanoma by 75 percent.

The American Cancer Society notes that there were nearly 69,000 new cases of melanoma last year resulting in with 8,600 deaths.

About 30 million Americans go to a tanning salon at least once a year.

Other recommendations are:

  • Strengthening protective eyewear
  • Requiring users to read all warnings and accept them before the machine can be turned on
  • Establishing a registry program for users
  • Collecting data on the radiation put out by tanning beds and collecting that data possibly for a registry
  • Upgrading tanning bed operator education
  • Restricting tanning bed use by pregnant women and people who take certain drugs

The Indoor Tanning Association represents 18,000 tanning salons and says the current FDA regulations are adequate.

The expert panel’s recommendations are another restriction on the industry, which now much pay a 10 percent tax as part of health care reform.

The Hill reports that the country will never see the $2.7 billion from the tax as estimated by the Joint Commission on Taxation, primarily because there are too few tanning salons.

The FDA does not have to adopt expert panel recommendations, but often does. #


Posted by Darren Wilson
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 2:32 PM EST

Interesting. If it's that bad for fair-skinned folks, isn't it probably a little bad for everyone? I am interested to see where the ACLU comes down on this one. If this happens, there are bound to be some pale folks who won't take getting turned away from the tanning parlor too well.

Anonymous User
Posted by Ed
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 11:31 PM EST

I believe the 10 Tan tax is the Obama Administration's way of introducing a National Sales Tax. The Tan Tax is a drop in the ocean when it comes to paying for the health care bill.

Take a look at vitamindcouncil.org please.

Can someone tell me if they are all wrong?

Let's be realistic and continue living FREE not FEE.

Shall we impose a Tan Tax at the beach, resort hotels, the auto-industry "Sun-roof" tax to...after all, you will be potentially over-exposed according to the AAD in your car with the sun-roof open when the sun is out.

I suppose we can connect the sun-roof to the national database too...and interface it with your Latitude and longitude and weather that day.

The IRS can then send you a bill based on how much sunlight you were exposed to....what a great idea...pass that along to Obama, DeLauro, Maloney and Dent...Are you guys for real?

Why did the AAD hold their annual conference in Miami...the SUN CAPITAL of the states???

Why not Alaska, Seattle...or maybe London?

Sun is life folks...it is inate to want sunlight for a reaason...WE NEED IT!!!


Indoor Sunbeds, as recommended by the Vitamin D experts, represent the best surrogate to Natural Sunlight! Along with the fact that it has a very similar UV index everyday you enter the salon...NOT LIKE THE BEACH.

If responsibility matters...let's go indoors and get our sun FREE OF TAX.

It will save taxpayers huge dollars when the public has proper Vitamin D levels year-round...hard to do North of the 47th parallel

DeLauro, Maloney, and Dent...get a tan!!!

Or at least get your Vitamin D test done...make sure you get the correct one...not the one most MD's and labs give...I'll let you figure out the correct one...maybe it will make you read a little about the positive effects and actually set-in to your brains!

Then when you see you are low according to the latest research...try an indoor sunbed at a reputable salon near you!

Then instead of Tax...try subsidizing....proper Vitamin D can be one of the biggest break-thus in this century...and save health care costs...

Are the Derms, Cosmetic surgeons, Botox, SPF, or other in your pockets???


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