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Edwards Joined By Victims of Health Care System

Posted by Jane Akre
Monday, January 07, 2008 10:54 AM EST
Category: Major Medical, Protecting Your Family
Tags: Defective Drugs, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

John Edwards is joined by victims of the medical delivery system in New Hampshire in his bid for the White House.


Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards was on stage before 500 people in Manchester, New Hampshire Sunday joined by people who he says are being hurt by our country’s health care system and the insurance and drug companies that run it. 

The Edwards camp was contacted by the family of 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan. She is the teenager who died December 20th just around the time Cigna allowed her an organ transplant after initially denying the procedure.  Cigna said that the family’s plan, under the mother’s health insurance as a real estate agent, did not cover transplants and that the procedure was experimental.

The Sarkisyans reportedly contacted the Edwards campaign after seeing him on television in Iowa Thursday night and asked to join him.

Edwards, who in a previous life was a personal injury attorney has, more than Obama or Clinton, pounded corporate greed as a theme of his campaign for working families and the middle class.

Some in the Manchester crowd began tearing up when they listened to the story of Nataline. Her brother Bedig said, “I promised her everyone in the world is going to know her story.”  He had a bone marrow operation to help his sister fight leukemia which she contracted at age 14.  

Edwards and the Sarkisyans were joined by James Lowe who has lived with a cleft palate for 50 years because he lacks health insurance.  Sandy Lakey was there too.  With Edwards as her attorney, her family won a large settlement after her daughter was severely injured in a swimming pool incident.

“How long are we going to let drug companies and insurance companies run this country?” Edwards asked the crowd. "This (the cause of Sarkisyan and others) is what drives me every single day. This is what this fight is all about. ... I am in it with heart and soul and with every fiber of my being," Edwards said to applause.

He is proposing a $120 billion plan for universal health coverage and more regulation of the insurance industry.   #


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Anonymous User
Posted by Jo Joshua Godfrey
Monday, January 07, 2008 8:13 PM EST

John Edwards can fix this, so there will be no more people like us:

CIGNA LUNG CANCER VICTIM-SAYS: They were going to let me die.

I was a victim of Cigna Health Insurance in one of their 29 wholly owned California Clinics where they employed the doctors.

I was only 42 years old a mother of four children with the youngest being five years old, when I first got sick.

I got very ill and Cignas plan for me was to let me die.

Cigna tried to convince me I was well. I suffered and there are no words that will ever describe my suffering, or the devestation to my family,that CIGNAS actions caused.

After I demanded a Cat Scan
On 8/17/1994 the Cigna Director called me at home,at 10.00pm at night on 8/18/ 1994 and told me there was nothing wrong with me, she documented that phone call in her progression notes.

When I demanded in that phone call that I needed to have all my xrays and my Cat Scan, and I needed to see a real Doctor not a CIGNA doctor any more.

Ill bet she was sweating then, she did let me get an appointment with a specialist, that she made not my choosing. However neither the specialist nor Cigna Medical Director told me I had Lung Cancer.

Rather Dr Barnes then documented in her notes that she had spoken with the specialist and that although I had a Tumor in my "Left Lung" "she wrote", I was not according to the specialist either a Candidate for surgery, nor was I a Candidate for follow up, because of the location of the Tumor.

In other words let her just quietly die and do not tell her, she does not need to know anything.

I then demanded all my xrays and Cat Scan. They told me these were lost, and that is a whole other story how I got these, but when I did: I called up a non CIGNA doctor and begged him to see me at 9.00 at night,( even though when I picked these all up from Cigna earlier that day they told me I was well and nothing was wrong with me).

The Doctor told me to come and meet him at the local hospital, and I will be forever thankful to him, in fact he has a picture of me framed in his office with the newspaper article that followed, when I went to the Newspapers in my fight to live}.

The non Cigna doctor examined all the xrays, and advised me I had Lung Cancer. He stated this was evident on all the Cigna xrays for two years, and that Cigna knew this all this time, that is why they told me my xrays were lost.

This Doctor advised immediate surgery for the removal of this Tumor, or Cat Scanning every 60 days.

I had the operation after I went to an outside surgeon, and he said this 11/2-2centimeter tumor needed to be removed immediately.

The pathology found the Tumor was fully grown fully mature, in addition twelve lymph nodes were removed.

Truely it would take a book, or a movie to tell my whole story, how I fought to live.

I had to go to the Newspapers, as thereafter they lied and told me the Tumor was benign and all I would need would be a follow up XRAY, Dr Barnes documented that in her progression notes as well.

Wait for this:

All the time I had a very rare form of Lung Cancer that was malignant, and needed a lot of follow up care, that is when I went to the Newspapers, as Cigna would not return my phone calls, in my fight to live.


Thereafter CIGNA agreed to pay for treatment with physicians of my choice, and then they did not pay the bills.

I had perfect credit that they destroyed, and these bills only got paid when the State of California Department of Corporations ENFORCEMENT division came to my home took the bills and ordered Cigna to pay these. In fact in a letter from the enforcement Officer she wrote I have personally delivered these bills and ordered Cigna to pay, and if I got any more bills to forward them to
her. I still have that briefcase full of threatening letters and unpaid medical bills.

This is just the beginning of this story. I demanded that we check out all family members medical records, our 14 year old daughter had a condition that needed surgery, after dozens of visits to Cigna, they failed to tell us our daughter had diseased bone that was being pushed towards the orbit of her eye, and it could have pushed out her eye, and she would have lost her eyesight, and/ or her eye. She was 14 years old.

Outside surgeons performed this surgery, at Cedars Sinai in California.

Twelve years have passed and I am still alive.

Our whole family has fought for justice for 12 years, only to find, probably our Goverment is involved in these cover ups, and the Goverment condones the actions of these health insurance plans. They made it possible and encouraged the atrocities when they Limited Americas Right to sue these Criminals..like CIGNA

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