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Daniel Hauser Back Home, Court Hearing Today

Posted by Chrissie Cole
Tuesday, May 26, 2009 11:27 AM EST
Category: Major Medical
Tags: Protecting Your Family, Cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, National Cancer Institute, Radiation, Chemotherapy, Freedom of Religion


IMAGE SOURCE: Daniel Hauser from StarTribune Web site

A week long search ended Monday when Colleen and Daniel Hauser returned home to Minnesota after turning themselves into authorities with the assistance of a lawyer in California.

Daniel, 13, was reunited with his seven siblings and his father on the family’s rural Sleepy Eye farm, according to Brown County Sheriff Rich Hoffmann.

Although in protective custody of Brown County, Daniel was permitted to spend the night at his home with his parents and an on duty deputy.

Colleen Hauser was planning to take Daniel to Mexico for natural treatment of his cancer, but decided to return home, said a family spokesman.

"They were seeking the ultimate treatments ... natural herbal and other therapies versus the chemo and radiation they do in America."

Jennifer Keller, the California attorney who helped arrange the Hausers' return to Minnesota, said Colleen Hauser will continue to seek permission to use alternative treatments for her son's cancer "that aren't toxic."

"But she'll abide by what the court says," Keller said.

Asgaard Media, of California, paid for the chartered flight that returned Daniel and his mom to Minnesota. On its Web site, the company describes itself as "founded and advised by a group of forward-thinking, positive-minded individuals wanting to make a difference not only in their environment but in both the world of entertainment and the world around them."

Daniel’s custody arrangement and medical care will be clarified in court today in New Ulm, Minnesota. Colleen Hauser is not expected to be arrested because she voluntarily returned home, according to Brown County attorney James Olson.

But Olson noted, Colleen and Anthony Hauser would have little choice but to go along with the court’s desire to treat Daniel with chemotherapy.

"A lot depends upon the attitude of the parents, their willingness to get on board with a treatment plan," Olson said Monday.

Daniel was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January. Earlier this month he was ordered into medical treatment after his parents ceased his chemotherapy, citing religious and other objections.

Without conventional treatment, Daniel’s chances for survival are five percent. With chemotherapy and radiation his chance of a cure rises to 90 percent, doctors have testified in court. #


Posted by David Granovsky
Tuesday, May 26, 2009 2:28 PM EST

McGill Cancer Centre did 6 chemotherapy trials.
64 of 79 doctors would not consent to be in any trial containing Cisplatin – a common chemo drug.
58 of the 79 found that all the trials in question were unacceptable due to the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy & its unacceptably high degree of toxicity. Chemo only produces "temporary tumor shrinkage."

Chemotherapy usually doesn’t cure cancer or extend life, & it really does not improve the quality of life either.
It does do this -
# Pain
# Nausea and vomiting
# Diarrhea or constipation
# Anemia
# Malnutrition
# Hair loss
# Memory loss
# Depression of the immune system, hence (potentially lethal) infections and sepsis
# Weight loss or gain
# Hemorrhage
# Secondary neoplasms
# Cardiotoxicity
# Hepatotoxicity
# Nephrotoxicity
# Ototoxicity

via LINK

Anonymous User
Posted by Yisroel Feldman
Tuesday, May 26, 2009 10:05 PM EST

The fact that the mother and her son tried to flee and were forced to come back and accept the chemotherapy exposes the fact that unfortunately, our country is very rapidly throwing away its freedom.
Of course, please let me explain.
The founding fathers and the other people who established this great and wonderful nation certainly were sincere in wanting to make a place where everybody would be truly and fully free. So now that everyone here is fully free to do his own thing, everyone began to freely do his own thing. Now some of the people were quite successful in their own things that they were freely doing and they thus became bigger and bigger. Now I am not against anyone at all for being successful and becoming even very big! However, if they use the power and influence that they have from being big to destroy other people or to boss other people around, that is certainly wrong.
So again, this was set up as a free country. So everyone freely does their thing and some are successful, gaining power and influence. A problem though can arise: "What if one of these successfuls uses -- or, more aptly MISUSES -- its power and influence to destroy others and boss others around?"
This is exactly what happened with modern medicine. The modern medical -- so called -- establishment has had numerous apparent successes in relieving people of various ailments. With people being impressed with these marvels, the modern medical world experienced virtually unlimited extensive growth, prestige, and power. However, it shrewdly used its massive prestige and power to manipulate modern society so that it will be regarded as THE only legitimate source of health care. It did this by heavily vilifying and defaming all of the other time honored natural healing professions, which had been effectively healing people for all of human existence. It called them "quacks," "voodoo doctors," "snake oil salesmen," "quackopractors," and "bone crackers"!
So everyone had been taught and believed that any natural herb or the like was simply old fashioned unscientific superstition. The people of the government too fully swallowed up this propaganda. They undoubtedly also remembered that they had been elected to their positions only because of the huge endorsements and large donations given to them by the modern medical and pharmaceutical associations and corporations.
So in the name of protecting the welfare of the country's population, the government gladly gave the modern medical establishment its full backing with its iron arm of enforcement. As we are tragically witnessing right now with this case of Daniel Hauser, may The Lord spare him and protect him, every person must do and WILL DO whatever the holy holy holy modern medical masters say!

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