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CDC Documents Forecast Fight Over Vaccines

Posted by Jane Akre
Thursday, August 06, 2009 11:05 PM EST
Category: Protecting Your Family
Tags: Vaccinations, Autism, H1N1, Swine Flu, Immunization Campaign, CDC, National Autism Association, James Moody

Internal CDC documents tell media professionals that concerned parents are hostile.

Internal Documents


IMAGE SOURCE: ©iStockphoto/ child inner world/ author: Grabpa

Internal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) media talking points offer a peak behind the curtain of the struggle ahead in convincing the public about the need for vaccines to fight swine flu.

The three-page draft called, “Vaccine Safety Communication/Media Strategy” was created as a guide to “effective health communication” to be used by CDC staff and public health employees as they address concerns by parents worried about the vaccine-autism link.

But they may well forecast the attitude of the federal agency as it prepares to launch an aggressive public relations campaign this fall encouraging Americans to be vaccinated against swine flu, H1N1.

Like vaccines used on children, and some flu shots used today, thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative, may be present in some versions of the swine flu vaccine and additives such as aluminum, suspected in the link to the debilitating cognitive/ social disorder.

The draft was made available on the Web site, Age of Autism by attorney James Moody, a consultant to the federal vaccine court and on the board of both the parent group, SafeMinds, and the National Autism Association.


The draft variously characterizes parents and nonprofit advocacy groups concerned about vaccine safety as “anti-vaccine,” “detractors," “fringe groups," “Hostile parents and non-professionals,” and “anti-government activists,” who envision vaccines as more harmful to individual children than good or believe in conspiracy theories related to vaccination programs.”

Then in an apparent contradiction that supports the above parents, the draft concedes, “Last year in the United States, the number of reported adverse events associated with vaccination was greater than the number of reported cases of vaccine-preventable disease”

Although it doesn’t give numbers, childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, and rubella have been decreasing, while vaccine-associated autism reports, in as many as one in 150 children, are called "the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States."

Also, in an apparent direct contradiction to the standard assurances of vaccine safety frequently offered by federal officials, the draft admits "Some claims against vaccine cannot be disproved." 

Your Tax Dollars

Moody tells IB News, “It’s your tax dollars at work”.

“Marginalizing parents as 'hostile' and  'non-professionals' my jaw hit the floor, I was shocked. It’s entirely appropriate to be a responsible critic and a concerned parent worried about vaccine safety. Bernadine Healy (former head of the National Institutes of Health), is an example without being labeled a ‘hostile parent’. Parents have a common interest in healthy children. It’s insulting.”

General agreement is that until long-term, double-blind placebo controlled trials are undertaken to compare vaccinated children with unvaccinated children, the cause of autism will remain a mystery. Vaccine additives such as thimerosal (preservative), and aluminum, the use of live viruses in the shot, and the scheduling of vaccines close together have on children are all suspected.

What is the CDC doing to track the epidemic cases of autism? The “CDC does not have complete adverse events surveillance data on which to base health messages” the draft says.

“Until you’ve done the study health of unvaccinated children you can’t make any claim,” says Moody.

The attorney points out that public doubt is growing over government safety assurances of all vaccines. As federal assurances continue to downplay a link between childhood vaccines and autism, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has been quietly paying vaccine injury claims for several years.

“They used to say vaccines are safe, now they say vaccines save lives,” Moody says.

“The definitive studies of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children have never been done and data comparing the two groups has not been collected. Instead, a 'safety first' program of sound science has been replaced with an aggressive public relations approach," he says. #


Anonymous User
Posted by Mary Hirzel
Friday, August 07, 2009 7:06 PM EST

Dear Ms. Akre,

Thank you, as always, for your courageous work, which I have followed for a number of years.

Given this piece, I thought you might be interested in my recent communication with the FDA regarding a new web page they have posted containing outright lies about safety data on Thimerosal.

Unfortunately, the allowance for characters in this comment section is not large enough for me to copy it here, but, if you would like to see it, email mhirzel at g mail dot com.

Anonymous User
Posted by PHIL
Saturday, August 08, 2009 12:07 AM EST

AS OF JULY 16TH. 2009 the World Health Organization will no longer accept any information from any country concerning the Ah1n1 virus as per their web site. As of July 27th. 2009 (W.H.O.'s last report on Ah1n1)W.H.O. reported a total of confirmed cases of Ah1n1 at 134,503 world wide.A total of confirmed deaths caused by the Ah1n1 at 816.If you extrapolate this out by using the world population sitting at 6.9 billion people you will get .001949 % of the world population with the Ah1n1 and .00001182 % of the world population that have died as a result of the Ah1n1. Yet the W.H.O. declares a level 6 pandemic! W.H.O. is mandated by their U.N. charter to keep records of major disease out breaks. They are maintaining statistical information on other major diseases and its available on their web site.All of the main stream medias, both printed and on screen have spooked the world population .... that this is a major outbreak, when in reality this influenza is less of a threat that most seasonal out breaks! During a declared pandemic ( as called by the W.H.O. and C.D.C.) manufacturers can use any "ADJUVANT" they please..."ADJUVANTS" such as "THIMERSOL" and even the DEADLY "SQUALENE"...which is the cause of the GULF WAR SYNDROME! With any side effect(s) you or your loved one's might suffer with...including death....because its a declared pandemic .... you cannot sue the federal government nor the manufacturer of the vaccine! Also of note...the drug manufacturers of the federally mandated vaccinations you will receive this fall (around October)have not done the required "TRIALS" on these vaccinations...as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration....because its a pandemic...or is it? The major drug manufacturers are being paid multiple hundreds of millions of dollars by our government....through our tax dollars...to create the toxic cocktails you will be receiving. Also of note...the Ah1n1 virus is not naturally occurring! The strains of 1 part avian, 2 parts swine and 2 parts human have come from different continents and can only be produced in a bio lab!This information comes from private research bio labs on the Ah1n1 and is a qualified observation by many labs through out the world.So you have a situation that a biological agent is released on the world by a bio lab...they get paid hundreds of millions for the cure. I suggest everyone read as much as they can about the "ADJUVANTS" I mentioned.My child suffers with ADHD and ASPERGERS SYNDROM as a bi-product of "THIMERSOL" This has been confirmed by many specialist. Autism has had a 1500 % increase in the past 10 years...most but not all caused by "ADJUVANTS"! Thank you for considering this matter... I have been researching vaccines and adjuvants for 10 years and the Ah1n1 for over 3 months now! .....PHIL

Anonymous User
Posted by Paul Shapiro
Saturday, August 08, 2009 8:53 PM EST

Hi Jane Akre,
Thank you for the article. I took the liberty of suggesting a few additional thoughts to the list
of tests and considerations before mass vaccination should be considered.
Paul Shapiro

General agreement is that until long-term, double-blind placebo controlled trials are undertaken to compare vaccinated children with unvaccinated children, the cause of autism will remain a mystery. Vaccine additives such as thimerosal (preservative), and aluminum, the use of live viruses in the shot, and the scheduling of vaccines close together

(my additions follow)
and one size vaccine injections fits all and pre vaccination testing to determine if the child will be adversely affected by the vaccination and mandatory reporting and analysis of adverse affects

have on children are all suspected.

Posted by Jane Akre
Saturday, August 08, 2009 10:45 PM EST

Thank you Paul - I appreciate your additions.

It does seem incredible that there is no pre-screening, mandatory reporting, and double-blind placebo trials to date. With the swine flu shot given in Wal-Mart and walk-in clinics, monitoring will be impossible. If you are not looking you will not find!!!

Anonymous User
Posted by PHIL
Sunday, August 09, 2009 5:01 AM EST

Thanks for the information. Here's some food for thought....Childhood vaccinations are too many too soon. Childhood vaccinations are not adjusted properly by age. Childhood vaccinations are not adjusted by body weight. Childhood vaccinations are not adjusted by cranial (head) size. Childhood vaccinations don't take into account a child being genetically pre-disposed to having a high reaction rate to the vaccination. Cranial size matters when doctors administer such drugs as rideline or their derivatives and the same consideration should be given to any childs medications ...oral or by injection.Thimersol that was given to my child at 3 years of age gave him epileptic seizures for about three months, and as I said above ....he suffers with ADHD and ASPERGERS SYNDROME...and will for life. David is a great kid and everyone loves him. What a price the world has to pay for drugs. The manufacturers of these drugs cause the problems and then they get to make drugs for the disabilities they have caused...their getting paid on both ends! Thank you for considering my input.... PHIL

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