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60 Minutes Profiles Breakthrough Radio Wave Cancer Research

Posted by Jane Akre
Monday, April 14, 2008 12:52 PM EST
Category: Major Medical
Tags: Cancer, FDA and Prescription Drugs

John Kanzius has no medical degree but he is among a group leading cancer research into radio waves that destroy cancer.



IMAGE SOURCE: © 60 Minutes/ of John Kanzius


Might it be that a former radio and television executive, with no background in science or medicine or even a college degree could help invent a cure for cancer?

60 Minutes profiled John Kanzius this past Sunday, April 13th.  As improbable as it sounds, Kanzius and his radio wave machine is now the basis of leading research at the University of Pittsburgh and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in killing cancer cells.

It began after his own diagnosis of terminal leukemia six years ago.  Since then, Leslie Stahl reports, he’s undergone 36 rounds of chemotherapy.  But the painful side effects and looking into the eyes of sick children who were themselves undergoing chemo pushed him into a search for a cure.

“I saw the smiles of youth and their spirit broke. They were sort of asking why can’t they do something for me.” 

One sleepless night after he began his third round of chemotherapy, Kanzius began his research into the creation of a radio wave machine he built with his wife’s pots and pans.  His laboratory is now built in his garage. One box sends radio waves to another and creates light and heat, enough energy to light a fluorescent light. How could he focus those cells to target cancer cells? 

The answer would cost him about $200,000 to build an advanced version of the machine with hopes of zapping a tumor with a focused beam of radio waves without destroying the surrounding cells. Kanzius has developed the machine and a business ThermMed LLC.  

Kanzius shared his research with Dr. Steven Curley, a liver cancer doctor at M.D. Anderson.

“I’ve got to tell you, in 20 years of research this is the most exciting thing that I’ve encountered” Dr. Curley tells 60 Minutes Leslie Stahl.

Together they have built upon the research by Nobel laureate Richard Smalley into small cells called nanotubes that fit into cancer cells. Smalley was convinced nanotechnology would revolutionize cancer treatment before his death from cancer in October 2005.

Carbon nanotubes are cylinders of pure carbon that measure in nanometers or a billionth of a meter.  Dr. Curley in his experiments has found that by infusing liver cancer cells and pancreatic cancer cells with nanotubes then exposing them to the radiofrequency, cancer cells were cooked to death.

So far it's worked in rat testing.  In another four years human trials may begin.

John Kanzius spends his time now raising millions in research money and getting press coverage.  Still suffering from leukemia he says he may consider a bone marrow transplant and even more chemotherapy to borrow some time because he’d “like to be around for the first patient and just have the smile.”   #


Anonymous User
Posted by Sharon Reed
Monday, April 14, 2008 7:39 PM EST

Hang in there, and thank you for all you are doing.

Anonymous User
Posted by Steve martin
Monday, April 14, 2008 9:26 PM EST

John Kanzius,

I wish you the best i feel for you having survived 2 bouts with Colorectal Cancer, I had many surgeries and chemo with Radiation, god has been good to me so far 3 years in remission, what more can I say but i hug you from far away. Quietly we are moving closer and closer, soon I see we will destroy for good this ugly killer. THe hardest part is not for our selves, the people we love, my kids remember for ever the day I came home to give them the bad news, the tears and crying, I was not in control of my life some one else had to carry on for me while I fought this ugly monster.


Steve Martin

Posted by Ronald Vaughan
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 1:35 PM EST

This guy deserves the Nobel Peace Prize! It's similar
to the situation whereby an "outsider" made a medical
breakthrough, i.e. "Lorenzo's Oil".

And combining new and old technologies is not obvious,since nobody had ever tried this before,
wrongfully thinking that "cancer can't be cured".

BUT a cure for polio was finally found...and,now
this...I wish this inventor the best of luck!

AND,by now,politics will be out of the way...Too
many people have been lost to the big "C"...and
society is demanding a cure...

Posted by Science News
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 6:33 PM EST

I think once nanoparticles can be programmed to go to certain places within the body then this will be useful for cancer treatment. But on the flip side, you can also have those nanoparticles deliver toxins to the cancer cells which would also eliminate the need for this.

I think this has alot of potential but probably for another application

Anonymous User
Posted by Paddy
Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:57 AM EST

Would it be possible to link a nanoparticle to a P67.6 antibody then deliver the RF knock-out blow to destroy the leukemia?


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